Culture Gallery

Company Events

Chili Cook Off

Every winter, we have a chili competition where employees make different types of chili. You can add any of your favorite ingredients to your chili and give it a fun and entertaining name. Three awards are given out at the end of each cook-off and they are: the first place award, second place award, and the people’s choice award.

Blood Drive

‘Tis better to give and there is no better way of expressing this than through our biannual blood drive. It takes place on our premises, making it easy for you to access.

Team Building

We all like to have fun and it certainly keeps us awake and more alert. At least once a year, instead of working, we gather together and spend most of the day having fun and getting to know each other.

Employee Appreciation Week

During employee appreciation week, we organize fun events for all our employees. Each day has something special such as free lunch, a ping pong tournament, or movie trivia. We greatly appreciate all our employees and it’s our desire to make this known to them.


Employee Giveaways

If you like freebies, then this will probably be one of your favorite company events. We often have ticket drawings to several events such as the Oklahoma City Thunder and Blue Basketball games, the Dodgers baseball games, and shooting events.

Lunch & Learn

Every six weeks, all employees gather together and have lunch. During this time, we have 10-20 minute sessions where we all get to learn something new such as ways we can thrive as a team.

Taking a Break

Do you often get tired of sitting at your desk all day? Well, we have great news for you! We have a break room that contains snack machines and challenging puzzles to keep you refreshed as well as a ping pong table in the shop to keep you entertained during breaks and lunches. Soon we shall add horseshoes to our game collection!

Community Projects

Manufacturing Day

Progressive Stamping was proud to be part of Manufacturing Day throughout the month of October.  We hosted a number of students, showed them our facility, explained what takes place here, and discussed the different types of positions that make up our team.

Dream It Do It

“Dream It Do It” is an initiative that showcases the incredible career opportunities available in manufacturing to the emerging workforce. Engaging with students and telling them about the manufacturing industry is a great delight to us. As “Dream It Do It” ambassadors, we have had the pleasure of visiting South East High School, Capitol Hill High School, as well as Guthrie Job Corps Center. To learn more about “Dream It Do It,” go to

Community Involvement

Being more involved in the community is one of our goals. So far we have partnered with the OKC public schools, Lee and Hillcrest Elementary, to help the teachers at the beginning and end of the school year move in and out of their classrooms.

Enterprise Excellence Group (EEG)

The Enterprise Excellence Group (EEG) is an association of Lean practitioners that come together to grow their Lean knowledge and implementation efforts. As EEG members, we meet the first Fridays of the month, rotating between speaker events and facility assessment tours. When we host EEG tours, we learn about areas where we can improve and when we visit other companies, we also give them tips on how they can improve. To learn more about EEG, go to



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