Mandatory Assessments

Below is your login info for TWO Separate Behavioral Analysis’s – BOTH NEED TO BE TAKEN DURING THE SAME SETTING

These are not TESTS – there are no wrong or right answers –

If possible we would like you to take these in the next week.

When you are ready to take them – please use the following guidelines –

1 – There is no time limit for taking these – it typically takes about 45 minutes – 1 hour total to complete both.

Muscle confusion ~ total bodybuilding oxanabol a summer night – summer of bodybuilders bodybuilding – videos in spanish.2 – They need to be taken in a single sitting, when you are clear minded and not overly stressed.

3 – Please eliminate all distractions and interruptions – phone, email, text messages, TV, radio, etc.

4 – You should answer each question intuitively – DO NOT over-think or over-analyze your responses.

5 – Some of the questions are ambiguous and may seem redundant – this is purposeful. – There are no incorrect answers.

6 – Your responses should reflect your current thoughts and behaviors, not what you think you should do in the future or what you think you did in the past.

We will receive automatic notification when you have completed them and will contact you about next steps.

NUMBER 1 – Approximately 10 minutes –

To log in and complete:


For the Access Code, please use ENG-FlexcSales

Please follow the instructions provided.

NUMBER 2 – Approximately 30 minutes –

To log in and complete the assessment:

Go to:

Complete the assessment