Partner Comments



Due to the high demand for parts that we need, we were not able to achieve production in-house.  Progressive Stamping & Fabrication gave us the perfect opportunity as they have the equipment and machinery to be able to fill our demand at a more rapid pace.

It is a real pleasure for me to be able to come to Progress Stamping & Fabrication to do business on a weekly basis.  From day one, Wayne, Jerry, Bobby, have made me feel like I am a part of their family, a part of their team, and you just don’t get that everywhere.

– Quinn Robles
Inventory Controller/Team Lead


In all the years we have worked with Progressive Stamping we have been overwhelmed by the high level of customer service, quality of work, and flexibility. Our commitment to serving our customer base often causes us to on our suppliers and Progressive accepts the challenge and succeeds with flying colors.

Progressive Stamping is a sterling example of great people doing outstanding work with great attitude. I recommend you give them a chance to show your firm this outstanding service.

Dallas Teeter


Speed Painting, Inc.

The vast services, professionalism and customer service provided by the Progressive Stamping team are second to none.

From day one they have been holistically attentive to our needs and concerns as a growing company and continually strive to uphold the importance we place on the quality of our products and the needs of our customers.

There is no company/job too small or too large for this team – everyone is important and treated individually. Their solutions are truly changing the course of our business for the better!

Dustin, Chrystene, & Richard
Speed Painting, Inc.

Speed Painting

Modular Services

Modular Services has had a relationship with Progressive Stamping for several years now. I have personally worked with your team on a number of components that you now supply for us and it was through that process that I became more familiar with your capabilities and consistent quality.

So, as I was in the process of designing a new product line for our company which required a part with irregular features requiring a higher level of precision, I came to Progressive for a solution.

Your team found a way to form the parts with a consistent level of precision efficiently enough to provide the finished goods at a price that made our new product line a viable option in the market place. We’ve now had this product on the market for about three years with increasing success. In that time I’ve not received a single non-conforming report on the parts that you have supplied.

In addition, you have recently proven to be a valuable partner by being a willing source to help us manage our business fluctuations. With very little notice, you were able to help us process parts for several orders which allowed us to meet commitments we had with our customers. Thank you for being more than just a vendor.

Travis Webb
Director of Product Development
Modular Services Company



O’Neal Flat Rolled Metals

Progressive Stamping is a top notch company in the metal parts fabrication industry. OFR Metals has worked with PSI both as a valued customer as well as a trusted supplier for fabricated metal parts.

The PSI team is responsive and focused on quality and on time delivery. They are an organization that treats their customers and vendors in the way that they want to be treated, with integrity and respect.

The investment that PSI has made in state of the art equipment is a valuable tool for our fabricated parts sales. We can count on them as a partner in the metal business!

We enjoy working with PSI as a supplier and as a customer. Thank you for all that you do for us!

O’Neal Flat Rolled Metals


Engineered Lubricants

Thank you for working with Engineered Lubricants. We have been very fortunate to build on a good relationship for nearly 20 years now. Working with Progressive Stamping has been a pleasure. They have pulled in vendors to be a part of the team, defining goals and asking for assistance in meeting them.

From improved tool life, to controlling consumption, there have been many areas we have been able to make significant improvements, and most of the credit for success can be attributed to our working partnership.

The innovations PSI achieves in their manufacturing that keeps them competitive and secure in a dynamic market where many jobs are heading overseas, is greatly due to their vision, foresight, and value of developing relationships with their suppliers and customers, as well as their talented and qualified personnel that cultivates and improves processes.

It is certainly a pleasure to work with PSI and participate in responding to challenges we have already overcome, and those that are sure to develop in the future.

David Godwin
Engineered Lubricants

Engineered Lubricants