Q. Can you deliver?

A. Yes, we can handle all your delivery needs. We ship LTL for nation wide deliveries and we have a truck and trailer for local Oklahoma City deliveries.

Q. Can you do engineering?

A. Yes, we can reverse engineer, help you engineer a part or tool, and can help you diagnose part performance issues.

Q. Can you do design?

A. All we need is a sketch and some specifications to make your part. We can help you design the part from scratch if you tell us what it needs to accomplish.

Q. What materials do you work with?

A. Mostly various types of steel, but we also work with copper, brass, aluminum, and even plastics and wood.

Q. Can you build tooling?

A. Yes, we can design and build tooling for presses, punching, bending, and perfing.

Q. What industries are you familiar with?

A. Construction, Oil and Gas, Automotive, Computer, Agriculture, HVAC, Consumer Products, and Medical.

Q. What geographical area do you serve?

A. Most of our customers are in Oklahoma. However, we ship to many different states and Mexico. Our customers ship parts globally.

Q. Can you do turnkey products?

A. Depending on your specific needs, we have strategic partners that help us produce parts requiring assembly, painting, plating, welding, polishing, and heat treating.