Success Stories

Progressive Stamping helps customer avoid missed delivery dates

Progressive Stamping has had many successful customer relationships. One such relationship involves a computer industry company. This company had a new product ready for market but was having quality issues with a sub-assembly involving several metal stampings in it.

Another stamping shop had tooled up to make these parts but had difficulties providing this computer company with the quality that they needed. This quality issue was preventing the company from delivering their new product to the market place, after having already invested a large sum of money in it. They came to us, Progressive Stamping, for help.

Our Solution

Their request was that we redesign the stampings to resolve the quality issues without modifying the rest of the product. We were able to meet this request, redesigning the stamped parts in a way that fit their existing sub-assembly with no other modifications. Within a short period of time, we provided them with prototypes for testing.

Using these simple solutions, we were able to aid in resolving their quality issues. We then went on to build the tooling required for the production of their new product and the company was soon delivering successfully to its customers.

If your company is missing delivery dates because of poor quality vendor provided parts, please contact us.

Preventative maintenance program provides 10 years of parts delivery with no failures

Progressive Stamping has been an asset to many companies. A prime example involves a company which sells parts to the energy industry. One of the metal stamped parts this company required was being produced in another stamping shop using their own tooling. This company’s tooling, however, was not being maintained by the shop using it.

This stamping shop damaged the die in a short amount of time and then proceeded to charge the customer for the necessary repairs. Shortly after that, the stamping shop damaged the die again, even more severely, but would not take the due responsibility. The company then came to us.

Our Solution

We discussed our preventive maintenance program with them and offered a packaging solution that saved the company a significant amount of time at their facility. Since this time, we have been successfully producing their metal stamped parts for approximately 10 years with no failures.

If your company is experiencing line down time, added expenses, or missed delivery dates due to the lack of attention of a part vendor, please contact us.